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Web Hosting with Peace of Mind

If you aren't comfortable managing the technical and administrative aspects of your website, then one of our fully administered hosting plans is right for you. We will identify the most appropriate plan for you, set up your hosting space and email accounts, and administer all aspects of your account on an ongoing basis.

network server This ensures that the administrative and technical aspects of your website are managed promptly and correctly. It also frees up your time so you can concentrate on managing and growing your business.

Spritz partners with several premier hosting providers in the U.S. -- each carefully selected on the basis of their security, reliability, speed, reputation and value. So, with our hosting plans, you get all of the advantages that the large, established hosting providers offer, coupled with personal service and support from Spritz.



Before you make a decision, be sure you can answer these questions regarding your web host:

How many websites will you be sharing your server with?

Cheap hosting providers and plans generally will stuff hundreds, if not thousands of other websites onto the same server and IP address. This can cause server sluggishness and poor page load speeds. This, in turn, can impact your website's quality rating with search engines. We host a low number of sites per server, reducing server overhead and ensuring server stability. Your web pages will load quickly and reliably.

Who will you be sharing your server with?

Sharing an IP address with websites of poor reputation can lead to overblocking. For example, if another website at your IP address contains prohibited material, it will be shut down upon discovery of the offense. Unfortunately, the entire IP address is shut down, along with every website that resides there.

We are very familiar with every website we host, and can guarantee that you will not be inheriting someone else's reputation.

What is your server's guaranteed uptime?

We consistently average 99.9% uptime on our servers, network and connection. Other hosts claim a 99.9% uptime, which is typically unrealistic in a shared hosting environment. Most are only referring to their internal network.

How often are backups? How Quickly Can your site be restored?

We keep backups of every website we host. Additionally, there are weekly backups at the server level. This ensures that you will never lose your web files.

Are you getting all of the features you need, without paying for things you don't need?

Many hosting companies promise ridiculous amounts of storage and bandwidth. This is simply not needed by the majority of websites today. Further, unlimited storage and bandwidth are technically impossible. Once you hit the provider's maximum allowable number of inodes, your website will be de-activated or you will incur additional costs. Often this occurs without notice, given the nature of web hosting.

While advertising massive amounts of things you don't need, providers will skimp on the important things, like useful traffic reports, regular updates on database software, etc.

Even worse, they bombard you constantly with offers and reminders for additional services that you probably don't need. At Spritz, we are not constantly trying to upsell you. Our mission is to provide you exactly what you need -- no more, no less.

We can guarantee that every website we manage is hosted in an environment that is secure, reliable and fast. Don't do yourself irreparable harm by opting for the cheapest host you can find. You get what you pay for, even with web hosting. Rest assured that your website is on a secure, reliable server and that Spritz is there to help whenever you need it.


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