Link Development

Increase your search rank and website traffic with high-quality, relevant backlinks from a variety of sources.

Developing incoming links from other websites into yours is crucial in building rank and traffic. So, one of the most important things you can do is to develop and attract these links. Along with the number of links pointing to your website, a key component in search rank is the quality of these links.

Comprehensive, Targeted Link Building Services

Link iconLink-building is a methodical, time-consuming task that must be managed correctly to be effective.  We offer comprehensive link development solutions, and work with each client individually to develop an appropriate strategy for their situation.

Link Building StrategyWhat are Good sources for link-building?

Most good link-building strategies will include a number of these:

  1. Web Directories
  2. Related Websites
  3. Press Releases
  4. Online Article Directories
  5. Social Network Sites
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Blogging Sites (including your own)

Web Directory Submission

There are thousands of web directories on the internet, but most have little value. Our approach is to selectively submit your web site to appropriate, high-ranking website directories that yield actual value.

Directory sources can include both free and fee-based directories, vertical and niche directories, general business and association directories, and finally, local directories and review sites.

Our directory submission service includes:

  1. Identification of appropriate sites for your business
  2. Manual submission of your website to the directories (no automated submissions)
  3. Development of the appropriate titles, descriptions, and keyword tags to be associated with your website
  4. Detailed report with directory listing, PageRank, directory fee (if any), and your URL's listing status

Related Websites

Increase your visibility by leveraging related sites. This is a very powerful method for increasing your visibility to to both users and search engines, but is the most difficult objective to accomplish on your own.

  • Clean, organic link building - no unnatural fits
  • Large network of high quality sites available
  • Links within your specific niche for greater effectiveness
  • Choose as many or as few links as you like
  • Flat monthly rate - not based on traffic or clicks
  • No minimum commitment

Obtain links from high-ranking sites that are a natural fit for you. It's one of the most powerful things you can do for your site.

Online Press Releases

Online Press ReleaseThe Internet has opened up a whole new dimension for press release optimization and distribution. You can opt for broad exposure, where a single press release can receive hundreds of thousands of views and get your business mentioned on any number of popular news sites and portals. Or, you can be more selective in who you want to reach by targeting just the right audience.

In either case, online press releases offer an inexpensive, but very effective way to generate exposure for your company. The results are almost immediate.

Our Press Release services include:

  • Professional copywriting services
  • Press release search optimization
  • Distribution to online news services
  • Distribution to clients and prospects
  • Creation of website landing page

Your press releases should conform to industry standards, be well-written, and optimized for search engines. You'll also want to use the right distribution service. Spritz uses the best in the business to get our clients' releases broadcast to the right audience in a cost-effective manner.

Article SubmissionPen and Paper

Websites can be promoted very effectively through the submission of articles. By including a link to your website within each article, you can bring targeted traffic to your site. Incoming links will also increase your Google PageRank.

Spritz can assist you with creating content for your articles and optimizing your content for the search engines. Then, we'll submit submit your article to the right directories and websites, both general and niche.

Light bulbSee our Social Media Services for information on Social Networks and Social Bookmarking

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