Your website should be updated at least once a month, because websites must have fresh content to attract both search engines and human visitors.

For this reason, we offer the Spritz CMS - a content management tool that is truly simple to use. With the CMS, you can quickly and easily update your content through any web browser – anywhere and anytime.

Whether you want to add pages, revise your text, or replace images, the CMS gives you the freedom and power to keep your website fresh.

Safe & Easy to Use

  • Very easy to use -- no training required!Spritz CMS Screenshot
  • Similar to Microsoft Word and many other word processing applications
  • Safely add or edit text, hyperlinks, images, video and more
  • Editable areas are precisely defined – no worries about modifying the wrong code
  • Receive support when you need it – by phone or email.

Fast Implementation and Complete Portability

  • No software to install on your website or computer
  • Implementation generally takes less than a few hours
  • Access from any computer or tablet

Search Engine Friendly

  • Minimizes the risk of losing search optimized code
  • New content is produced with search engine friendly code

Affordable and Cost-Effective

  • Low setup cost and low monthly fee
  • Free setup when bundled with website development work
  • No contract -- discontinue whenever you’d like
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