A beautiful site is nice to have, but it won't generate revenue for you if no one can find it. Can you answer these questions with confidence?

  • Are you using the right keywords and leveraging them properly?
  • Do you have the right meta tags in your header?
  • Is your site built with CSS?
  • Are you using too much Flash or JavaScript?

If you don't know the answers, your website probably isn't at the top of the search engine results. Read on for some basic SEO information, then be sure to return to our Search Engine Optimization page.

Search Engine Optimization 101

SEO Basics

Keywords are Key

Keywords are words and phrases that people use when searching for information, products and services on the Internet. These words must be positioned in the right places on your web pages and used with proper frequency. Under-using keywords will generate very little search traffic to your site. Over-using keywords will get your site penalized or banned from search engines.

Meta tags are a Must

Meta tags are words and phrases that are placed in the header of your web page. Typical meta tags include Page Title, Description, and Keywords. Every page of your site should carry this information, and the information should be unique to each page. Place special emphasis on your page titles, as they are most important to search engines.

Flash, Javascript, and Frames, oh my!

Don't, don't and don't. Search engines don't read Flash or JavaScript, and just get confused by Frames. Flash and JavaScript clearly have their place on many websites, but both should be used appropriately. Don't risk site abandonment by Search Engines -- Avoid building Flash intros and sites built entirely with Flash. Use Cascading Style Sheets rather than JavaScript whenever possible.

Turn the Table on Tables

Many web designers still use the out-dated method of building websites with tables, even for their own websites!! This results in long, cluttered code that can be difficult for Search Engines to wade through. Make sure your website is built with the latest technologies and techniques. We use Cascading Style Sheets for all of our website designs, and 100% valid HTML code.

Content, Content, Content

Search engines feast on content. Their diet consists of text, and lots of it. To satisfy the search engines, have ample, relevant content and update it or add to it regularly. The Search Engines will love you for it, and so will your visitors!

Love the Links!

Often overlooked, but one of the most important factors in obtaining good search engine results is the gathering of inbound links to your site. Inbound links tell Search Engines that your site is important.

There are many ways to attract links to your site, but there are many do's and don'ts in this area. We can help you get the relevant, high quality links you need.

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