Service Fees and Rates

Web Design & Development

How much does a website cost? A frequent question with no simple answer. Many clients don't fully understand the factors that impact the price of a website.

To understand what may or may not be included in the quoted price of a website, please read our Website Cost Components article. Youl'll gain insight into the right questions to ask if you decide to shop around for your website design company.

Custom Design

Generally, pricing for our websites fall into the ranges outlined below. The final cost of your specific project is dependent on the complexity of your design and the level of functionality you require. For a more specific estimate, please give us a call!

Custom Design and Development
  • Basic Site (approx 5 pgs): $1,000 - $2,000
  • Intermediate Site (approx 10 pgs): $2,000 - $3,000
  • Large Site (approx 20 pgs): $3,000 +
Pre-Built Solutions
  • Basic Site (approx 5 pgs): $499

Included with all packages:

  • Validated HTML / XHTML Code
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimized code
  • Metatags / Search Engine Submission
  • Website and DNS setup
  • Detailed traffic reports

Please call us for pricing on optional components.

We also recommend our hosting plans, and can recommend the right plan for you.

Content Maintenance

Hourly Rate: $85; Monthly Maintenance Plans at discounted prices are also available.

Content Maintenance System (CMS): The Spritz CMS is available for $20/month. Please see our Content Maintenance page for more information.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Basic Package: $325 (Keyword research, Meta tags, Search Engine submission)
  • Deluxe Package: $449 +
  • Premium Package: $1500 / $2800
  • Web site audit: $249
  • Home Page optimization: $149 (includes submission to search engines)
  • Consulting: $95 - $125/hr
  • Monthly Monitoring: $150 / $300

Consulting and Training

Standard Rate of $85/hr. Hourly rate discounted for large projects. Learn more about Consulting and Training services we provide.

Web Site Hosting

We offer fully administered plans, as well as the basic "do-it-yourself" plans. Please see Web Hosting Plans for more information.

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